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Rev. Allon Poole
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An extract from the Southland Times , Putanga 14717, 9 Hereturikōkā (August) 1900, page 4

Rev. Allon Poole in London
“The local acquaintances and friends, and especially the members of his late congregation in Esk Street, will read with pleasure the following extract from the report of proceedings at his inception in London.
The extract is from the ‘Chronicle and Southgate Herald’ of 22nd June, and the article is beaded ‘Chase Side Baptist Church’.

“On Thursday night the public recognition meeting of the ministry of Pastor Allon Poole, from New Zealand, at the above-mentioned church, was held, when a capital gathering assembled to do honour to the now resident minister.
Mr Poole did temporary service at Southgate four years ago, ere he was called to the church at Dunedin (New Zealand), and it was the very cordial feeling that then existed that has led up to the reverend gentleman finding his way here again in the homeland.
After serving the church at Dunedin Mr Poole removed to Invercargill (NZ), where he remained as pastor of the Baptist Church until called to labour under the sound of the chimes.
The friends sat down to a substantial tea in the Iron School House, where, as the “cup that cheers” was passed round, every sign of goodwill was displayed.
Of course, Mr Poole was introduced to all the newer members, and as there is a Mrs Poole, the good young lady was most cordially greeted by the members and friends on every hand.
The public meeting was held in the permanent church at Chase Side, under the (presidency of Professor McCaig, principal of the Pastor’s College, Newington, and there were also on the platform beside Pastor Poole, Pastor W. Joynes, of New Southgate Baptist Church, Mr J. H. Bolton, church steward of the Chase Side Wesleyan Church, and Mr Corke, the Baptist Church secretary.
After the opening prayer, Mr Corke gave a brief account of the progress of the church from its earliest days, referring to the very acceptable services that had always been afforded them by the late Rev. C. H. Spurgeon end all the leaders at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.
Of Mr Poole’s services he spoke in feeling terms, and expressed confidence that the good work that was done by him four years ago would go forward with renewed energy after his period of service across the mighty deep.
Mr Poole had taken up the work in faith, and it behoved them all to deny themselves, so that his cupboard might never be found empty.
Professor McCaig, in the course of his address, said Mr Poole was a full-blown pastor and needed no formal &ldsquo;charge” from him. He spoke in high terms of Mr Poole's devotion to his studies when in college, he having considered him one of the very best he had had the joy of having under his training.
Testimonies of love in the work were tendered by Deacons Hoddy and Wells.
Then Mr Joynes and Mr Bolton gave greetings on behalf of their respective churches.
The pastor’s welcome must be declared an undoubted success’

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